Snapshots of Nepal in 10 Days

Zoom in on Nepalese culture and geography armed with a camera and keen eyes. This tour will take you to all kinds of terrain in Nepal to witness the diverse

The Golden Triangle in 9 Days

This trip takes you to three places in Kathmandu and around them- the three most visited places in Nepal- known for their different attractions. You’ll have the best hotels, vehicles,

The Daredevil

This trip is designed for adrenalin seekers in the mighty Himalayas. It won’t be just about guts but also determination and strength, with some time to kick back and relax

An Alcohol Fueled Adventure – 1 Day

Join alcohol enthusiast Abhishesh as he takes you to the best authentic watering holes in Kathmandu. We’ll drink Nepali drinks and imported liquor, tell jokes, and have a fun day.

Lavish Pokhara – 4 Days

Pokhara is a gem of a city. Considered by most to be the nicest city in Nepal, it is a clean and green city which is basically a lake town