The Daredevil

9 Days of breathtaking fun.


This trip is designed for adrenalin seekers in the mighty Himalayas. It won’t be just about guts but also determination and strength, with some time to kick back and relax in between.


Day 1


Welcome to Kathmandu where many believe that spirits coexist with human beings. If you arrive early, we’ll take you somewhere in the valley that has what you’re looking for- be it a quiet monastery, or a crowded pub.

Day 2

High bungee diving

Today’s highlight will be a bungee dive off a shaky suspension bridge in a tropical gorge straight down towards a Himalayan river. It’s a 160 meter (525 feet) dive and it is sure to get your blood pumping. It’s a 4-5 hour drive from Kathmandu and a great place to start your adventure. You’ll see beautiful landscapes along the way. At night, we recommend you go to Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourist central, where food and drinks abound.

Day 3

Visit Pokhara + Zipline

Fly in a small plane to Pokhara, a beautiful city with a beautiful lake and good people. Today, we’ll take you to a zipliner- probably the longest and steepest in the world, with a 1800 meter long line and reaching speeds of 120 kmph. Plus, you’re doing it in a lush landscape in the foot of the Himalayas. The scenery is sublime.  It’s a thrilling experience and should not be missed.

Day 4

Paragliding with aerobatics

Today, you can wake up really early to go see the sunrise from atop a hill in Pokhara or you can wake up late and go paragliding a little later. It’ll be a magnificent experience, gliding over the beautiful lake town with lofty mountains in the backdrop. Your instructor will perform breathtaking aerobatics over the lake and land you safely by the lake. You’re free to roam around the city streets in the evening or laze around by the lake like some tourists who do it for months at a time.

Day 5

Take on the Himalayas

Do a four day trek in two days and see a wonderful Himalayan vista. It can be done. All you need to do is walk a little faster, and a little elonger than everybody else. Today, you’ll drive to Naya Pul from Pokhara, take a jeepto wherever the road ends, and then start walking to Ghorepani, a beautiful place. It gets chilly at night so take inners and a warm jacket.

Day 6

Day 6: Get back to “civilization”.

Trek from Ghorepani to Ghandruk and then take a jeep to Naya Pul where a car will be waiting for you take you to Pokhara. You’ll have to wake up really early, see the mountains during sunrise from a hilltop, and walk fast. If you feel you can’t walk anymore, stay in one of the guesthouses. We recommend Tadapani or Ghandruk from where the views are spectacular.

Day 7


If you made it to Pokhara yesterday or today, enjoy a leisurely day or go bungee diving or boating on the lake. It’s a fun city. Make the most of it. Barhopping is fun here too.

Day 8


Fly back to Kathmandu in the morning. We’ll take you to a couple of attractions the city has to offer. If you want to see the funeral rites where the dead are burned on wood, we recommend Pashupatinath. Otherwise, talk to your guide and go wherever you feel like. In the evening, we recommend going to Thamel where restaurants and bars abound. It’s your last night in Nepal. Make the most of it.

Day 9


If you have a late flight, we can hang out someplace nice. We’ll take you to the airport and say our goodbyes, hoping to see you again, maybe for an even tougher adventure.