All the Nepali Goodness You Can Pack In 48 Hours


This two-day trip is designed to cover the highlights, as well as best kept secrets of the Kathmandu Valley. Over two days, you will sample Nepali goodness from a smorgasbord of all things at the heart of the country; its Hindu and Buddhist heritage, its ancient architecture that has influenced all of Asia, the legendary Mount Everest, it’s political and economic history, the hikes that it is rightly famous for, as well as its rich cuisine and culture.

If you just arrived in Nepal, this trip will be a great introduction to the country, and will help you choose how you want to spend the rest of your time here.

Your journey starts when we pick you up at your hotel after breakfast at 8 am on Day 1. Our first stop is Pashupatinath, the oldest temple in the Kathmandu Valley, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and the and then make our way to Bhaktapur. After lunch, we get lost in the squares of Bhaktapur, eventually heading for our rest stop, the hill station of Nagarkot. On Day 2, we wake up early in the morning to a spectacular sunrise over the mountains in Nagarkot (if we are lucky, with an exceptionally clear day, we can see Mt. Everest from here). After breakfast, we will hike down to Changu Narayan, and end at Boudha.


Nov 2

This is the first day

We just get picked up up up

Nov 3

Second Day

We are not going to get dropped off...not yet.

Day 3


Now we are lost lost lost...

Nov 4 or 5


Where are we and what are we doing here?

Day 5

we might be found

Yes, we stumbled upon the most beautiful thing ever. Rum doodle doo.