10 Days of Luxury

Complete the Golden triangle of Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Chitwan in style. Also, visit the Everest Base Camp.


This trip allows you to experience the four most popular places in Nepal, and do it in style. No traffic jams, no headaches, no waste of time. Just a great experience in the best hotels Nepal has to offer while absorbing the rich culture and heritage of these places. You’ll see amazing cultural sites, snowy mountains, and lush jungles. It’s a bit of everything in Nepal.

Kathmandu, the capital city has many attractions- be it ancient Hindu temples or prized Buddhist monasteries, or medieval palace squares and temples from a bygone era. There are also many nice restaurants and bars in the city that offer a variety of cuisine and drinks. Pokhara is a chic little lake town and is considered one of the cleanest cities in Kathmandu, with lots to do there- be it paragliding or bungee diving, or relaxing by the calm lake with a book. Chitwan is the first nationally preserved area of Nepal, famous for its flora and fauna. See wild animals and plants in their natural habitat, and bask in the hospitality of one of its best hotels. Everest Base Camp is and amazing place which allows you to see the tallest mountain in the world up close and relax in a great Himalayan surrounding.

This trip is designed to give you maximum comfort while soaking up the best Nepal has to offer.


Day 1


We will pick you up at the airport. Your guide will have suggestions about how to spend the day if you arrive early. There are many interesting places around Kathmandu and we’re sure you’ll enjoy visiting one or more of them.

Day 2

Sightseeing in Kathmandu

Visit Bouddha, the largest Buddhist stupa in Nepal.   Then,visit Swayambhu, another Buddhist site, the most important stupa for Newars, the indigenous people of Kathmandu. Next is  Pashupatinath, one of the most important Hindu sites in the world.

Day 3

Visit Everest Base Camp

Take a helicopter which stops at the famous village of Lukla to refuel before taking you to the foot of the world’s tallest mountain. Surrounded by awe-inspiring peaks, have breakfast in this majestic site before returning to Kathmandu. Spend the evening in Thamel, known for its many shops, restaurants, and bars. Your guide will recommend what places are the best according to what you’re looking for.

Day 4

See Chitwan

Fly to an airport close to your hotel in Chitwan. Chitwan has lush jungles that are home to rhinos, tigers, and many exotic animals. With luck, you’ll spot some of them. A car will take you to a luxurious hotel. Activities in Chitwan include: elephant safari, elephant bathing, a cultural show of the indigenous Tharus, bird-watching, jungle-walking, canoe or boat riding, crocodile spotting. Jeep safaris are optional.

Day 5

Explore Chitwan

Nepal’s altitudes range from 60 meters above sea level to 8848 meters. You’ll be in the lowlands surrounded by a lush jungle. Finish the activities you didn’t get to take part in the day before. Take a jeep ride if you wish to explore further. Jeep safaris are your best bet to see tigers and you will almost definitely see rhinos.

Day 6


Fly back to Kathmandu and spend the day as you choose. We need to come back to Kathmandu because there are no direct flights from Chitwan to Pokhara. We recommend going to Bhaktapur. Ask your guide for recommendations. Our guides are fluent in English, and they understand your specific needs.

Day 7

Fly to Pokhara

Pokhara is a beautiful lake-town—green and clean. Many people spend months at a time here.After just a 25 minute flight, your guide will take you boating, walking around the lake, and to the best restaurants and/or bars there. It’s a great place to relax. Plus, there are activities like paragliding, bungy diving, zip-lining, or riding a kayak in the lake

Day 8

Explore Pokhara

Rise early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the famous sunrise-lit mountains from Sarangkot. The best months for this are October, November, February and March. But you can get lucky any month and see the glorious mountains. Go see the sunrise or just wake up late, and spend the day as you choose. Ask your guide for recommendations. Paragliding above this beautiful town is a great opportunity and it’s proven to be safe since its inception.

Day 9

Fly back to Kathmandu

Your guide can recommend good places around Kathmandu to visit. Or you can spend the day shopping or bar-hopping. Enjoy your last night in the country.

Day 10


We will take you to the airport and bid you farewell, hoping to see you another time. Most people visit the country at least twice just because of the many things you can do here. Once is seldom enough.