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In the stunning backdrop of the highest mountains in the world, Nepal is the perfect place for your company retreat or university trip for three main reasons:

#1 It is easy for everyone to get a visa.

Especially if you have a remote team spread across countries in Greater Asia, Nepal is the right place to meet. 

#2 The place just inspires

On your company retreat in Nepal, just looking up from whatever you are doing is sure to amaze you, getting you in the right frame of mind to question all your assumptions, and look at things in a new way. 

#3 There are options that satisfy everyone.

Kathmandu and Pokhara have enough food options to satisfy every palate and even the most finicky eater can find something in the options informed by the rich vegetarian tradition here. Adventure sports, spiritual and meditative practices etc etc, make it a great place for the adrenaline junkie as well as the chillout type.

In addition Nepal is home to rich spiritual practices, as the center of ancient Hindu, Buddhist, and yogic philosophies. With tremendous options for adventure sports, and an abundance of relaxing hotels and spas added to this rich heritage, your team will always be in the right frame of mind to get their creative juices flowing. Whether your team is into yoga and meditation, climbing, bungee jumping or just chilling out at the pool, we can craft a retreat that is productive, memorable and invigorating. After all, the concept of “retreat” itself comes from Buddhism, and where best to retreat than to Buddha’s own birthplace.

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